Monday, November 5, 2007

E-Mail Promotional Programs

Now, the programs I will tell you about today are not money savers, they're money makers. So, here I go shaking my money maker :).

I participate in 2 e-mail programs that pay me with cash or gift cards. They are called BonusMail (sometimes called MyPoints) and InBoxDollars.

I have been a member of BonusMail/MyPoints since before I was married. You go to their website, fill out your profile, and are sent e-mail offers related to your interests. Then you receive points for reading the e-mails and additional points for participating in the offers they advertise. You can also make purchases through their website and gain points that way as well (I will say, though, that I believe I get more bang for my buck SHOPPING through UPromise.com than MyPoints.com.). Over the years I have earned thousands of points that I have been able to redeem for hundreds of dollars in gift cards for retailers such as: Starbucks, Target, Sports Authority, and Macaroni Grill. Here is a promotional offer than you can participate in to begin your membership with MyPoints.

The second program I participate in is called InBoxDollars. I started this program (based upon a recommendation from Brandi...thanks!) on October 15, and, as of today, I have earned $8.52. Yes, that's about 6 weeks and only $8.52, but all I have had to do for those dollars is click on links sent to me in an e-mail. Once I "bank" $30 in earnings, I can request a check.

I receive compensation for both programs if you enroll based on a referral from me. So, if you intend to join either program, I would really appreciate it if you would send me an e-mail first so I can refer you.