Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Carmon Playing Peek A Boo

Tom worked from home yesterday so we could go get "the bigs" out of school and take them to see the shuttle launch in the afternoon. Carmon and I were playing on the floor and Tom caught this:


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

So cute! How is she doing? And how is the family adjustment?

Brittani said...

oh my word! WAY TOO CUTE :)

Jackie Sue said...

She really is STINKIN cute!

Karen said...

Hi Abby,
It was great to see you and to finally meet sweet Carmen. She is delightful to photograph. She is precious. I enjoyed talking to you and I think it is nice to share adoption experiences. It is such a gift. I have pictures of my children on my gallery at Betterphoto.com
Search under my name and then click on my betterpholio. There are a lot of pictures, so I think they are a few pages into the gallery.
Blessings to you and your family,
Karen Smutz
Picture People