Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Free $10 gift card for CVS

I was recently at CVS and found an advertisement on the counter. Get LifeLock FREE for 30 days and 10% off. Protect you and your family with LifeLock, the leader in proactive identity theft protection, and receive 30 days free, 10% off, and a $10 CVS gift card. Sign up for your free member ship here and use promo code "CVS5". You can cancel your membership at anytime without penalty.

I signed up on June 16 and received several benefits. My credit reports were mailed to me (found an OLD credit card I had NO IDEA was still active) and I was put on a list that will reduce the number of credit card offers I get in the mail. Makes me happy to be green if nothing else. I waited until July 15 to cancel hoping to get as close to the deadline as possible. I haven't received my gift card yet, but my fingers are crossed. I'll let you know when I receive it.