Monday, October 15, 2007

Buy your local Sunday paper!

Since there is SO MUCH that can be gleaned from the Sunday paper, today's post will only detail a few key benefits. At another time, I will address other benefits to receiving the Sunday paper.

First of all, call your local paper's subscription office and request home delivery of the Sunday paper only. ASK THEM FOR A PROMOTIONAL DEAL!! The paper that is delivered where I live is usually delivered for $1.50 per Sunday. However, they willingly offer an incentive to get new subscribers and will deliver the Sunday paper to them for just $0.75. If you ask them for the new subscribers deal, they will give it to you. I have asked for it upon renewal EVERY YEAR for more than 8 years and we still are getting our paper delivered at that rate. Another reason to request home delivery is to ensure that you actually get the paper. Who can remember every week to stop while they are out? And who wants to make a special stop just for that?

Once your paper arrives on Sunday morning, immediately go through it and pull out all the coupon flyers. In our paper, we get at least 2 coupon sections...usually more (except for holidays). Go through these page by page, clipping every coupon for products you MAY use before their expiration date.

I also pull out other related sales flyers so that I can know what sales are running at other establishments I frequent (office supply stores, Target, etc.). If our local grocery store doesn't have our preferred soda on sale, Target will, and vice-versa.

Start clipping. I'll give you more reasons to soon.


Cassie said...

Great advice. We haven't gotten the paper in years. The promotional price is worth it. Thanks again!

Jess said...

Very cool, as soon as we get moved I am going to have it delivered. right now I set an alarm on my phone to remind me at 12:30 after church every sunday!! Haha, I am getting it for a dollar and would be saving .25 if I got it delivered!

Brandi said...

ok, ok, I know I need to do this!!! I need more help. . .actually, you've probably told me all I need to know, I just need to put it into practice!!

aaagh! That's the hard part!


Sunday said...

We have been getting the Sunday paper for awhile now. And just recently have I really become serious about clipping coupons. Since then as I shared with you I have had major savings!!! YES! Also, thanks again for the Entertainment Book. An added $5 discount just sends our savings over the top. Thanks Mama for all the great savings advice. Love you....A Whole Bunch! Sun

Brandi said...

I just clicked on a link called couponseven.com wait, maybe it was coupon7.com try both. It looks cool, let me know what you think!