Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby steals at Target

I scored some AWESOME baby deals yesterday at Target. I know that February is supposed to be the time of year for snagging good baby deals, so Target must be clearing out their old stock to bring in the new stuff for sales.

Anyway, we have been in the market for a booster seat with a back on it so we can move Price into that and have his car seat for Carmon when she comes home. We have been watching a $50+ one, waiting for it to go on sale. NO NEED to wait anymore. I got it yesterday at target for $17.22!! Score!

And, have you ever tried to buy cute bibs for babies that don't have corny sayings on them like: "Spit Happens"? Spare me. Who wants to see that on their dainty little girl? So I got some $5 bibs from the Dwell Studio line (LOVE it!) for $1.24 each. See how cute they are?

Hurry in for the best selection. This is the perfect time to stock up on baby gift items for your "gift closet".


Brittani said...

sounds like great deals, but I have to be honest... when I read your title, I thought this was going to be some CRAZY NEWS STORY about a BABY who was taking advantage of the "five finger discount" at Target... ha ha ha

Jaime said...

I thought the same as Brittani, wondering how I missed hearing about this tiny thief! Ha!

Love those deals and your adorable humor! "Spare Me!" That was cute!

Love ya!