Monday, January 5, 2009

Cheap Bread and Milk at Walgreens

These days, I almost always buy my milk and bread at Walgreens. Have you stopped in one recently? The 2 that are most convenient to my house always have a 'cardboard shelf' right by the milk with Sara Lee Soft & Smooth bread displayed on it. On the display is a tear pad with a coupon for $1 off a gallon of milk when you buy that bread. The bread is usually $2 a loaf, but I have been pleasantly surprised several times to find it on sale for $1. This isn't really an advertised deal, and I don't know if the coupons are permanent, but I have been doing this for months already. The milk is usually $3.59 a gallon near me which is $0.10 more than my favorite grocery store, but I can't find 100% whole wheat bread for under $2 hardly ever!

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Brittani said...

great tip. Thanks, abby. you are so thrifty!