Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Old Navy Sale

Old Navy is having a big back-to-school sale right now. The majority of their regularly priced kid's clothes (not toddler/infant) are on sale for 40% off. The toddler/infant apparel is also 25%-50% off on most regularly priced items. This sale is supposed to continue through August 31, 2008. As usual, their Clearance sections are pretty well stocked, too.

In addition to the sale prices, they are running their famous Stuff and Save promotion. Usually, to take advantage of this promotion, you have to take a bag with you to the store that you receive in the mail and you get an additional 20% off the lowest ticketed price on all the items you can stuff in the bag one time only. This time, though, all you have to do is show (and use) your Old Navy, Gap, or Banana Republic credit card and you receive the 20% discount on your entire purchase as many times as you like through August 21.

Another great promotion running right now goes a little something like this:

This is for online shopping obviously, but it's a great gimmick. In the past I have found a good deal on an item from Old Navy and maybe a little something from Gap, but didn't want to pay the shipping cost from both stores. Now I won't have to. For more details visit this website. Don't forget, if you have a UPromise account, to follow the link from their website when making your purchase to earn savings for your child's 529 account.

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