Friday, August 8, 2008

Starbucks Deal

Starbucks is running a promotion that's great for those of us who actually, on occasion, make 2 visits to a Starbucks in the same day through September 2, 2008.

Make any purchase PRIOR TO 2 p.m. Bring your receipt in the same day AFTER 2 p.m. and receive a Grande cold drink for $2 plus tax at select US stores. Unfortunately, this is NOT available at the Barnes & Noble Starbucks locations.

So, here's my plan: Go to Starbucks at the mall a few minutes before 2 and order a short drip with room with a shot of vanilla. Yes, I said SHORT...it's the size they have that's smaller (and, therefore, cheaper) than the tall which is their small. And "drip with room" is code for coffee of the day with some room left for cream. After I finish that, I can go back to get one of their new Orange Mango Banana Non-Fat Vivannos (which has fewer calories and fewer grams of fat than the Chocolate Banana variety). Have you tried them? They are a great get-me-over-the hump snack with a fruit and protein boost, and it will only cost me $1.75. So, essentially, I will get a cup of coffee (caffeine boost) and a Vivanno (fruit and protein boost) for the price of a Vivanno alone.

Now, one more thing. If you pay for your coffee with a registered Starbucks card, you can get free refills of it (on the same day from the same location) and free add-ins (shot of soy, extra shot of espresso, syrup flavoring, etc.). As I mentioned earlier, I order my coffee with a shot of vanilla because it's free and because it sweetens my coffee to the point I can pass on sugar and, therefore, the extra calories.

P.S. Did I actually use the pretentious word "therefore" twice in a single post :). You betcha!


A More Simple Life said...

Now that's a deal I'd like to try! Thanks Abby!


The Nester said...

Short, drip, therefore? All of these wonderful words!

Hope you are doing well!