Friday, February 6, 2009

20% off at Macy's through Sunday

I had the pleasure of serving as personal shopper to my sweet friend Jackie last night and we were pleasantly surprised, while shopping in Macy's, to find that we could get an additional 20% off all the items she purchased.

Since we didn't know about the promotion before heading to the mall, Jackie purchased a cute pin in the shape of a red dress for $2. Then, she was able to get 20% off a classy Tahari suit, sassy jean jacket, and two shirts with great detailing. In a separate transaction she was able to use it again to purchase a pair of great heels. She will be able to take advantage of the Go Red Promotion all through this weekend if she chooses to go back for more.

Here's the fun part, though (not that last night wasn't fun)...if you WEAR something red, you automatically get 20% off...no pin purchasing required. If you do have to or choose to purchase the pin, rest assured that Macy's will donate all Red Dress Pin proceeds to the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women movement.

Of course, exclusions apply. But this is also available online if you can't get to the mall.

Happy Bargain Shopping!

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