Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poll Post

Did you notice the poll on my page? Are you wondering what on Earth is up? Well, the poll will remain open through the end of this week. We could use your help as we take into account our options. Here's the story:

We received our referral to come to China to bring home our daughter on December 29, 2008. Since then, things have been a little complicated while we scurry to finish up paperwork. As if that wasn't enough, the person who has been planning, for the last 37 months, to watch our kids while we travel to China, has other plans during the window of time that we will probably travel. We have a 8 year old boy, a 7 year old girl, and a 2 year old "baby". We were arranging alternate childcare plans when our youngest had a seizure. He has had 3 of them previously. Our neurologist has said they are impact seizures...each has been a result of a VERY hard hit to his head. Here's the best way I know to explain what happens to him: since he has an extremely high tolerance for pain, his brain shuts his body down to deal with the pain since his body doesn't do it naturally. We worry about leaving him here under someone else's care. That's a huge responsibility to saddle somebody with! And, we don't like the idea of not being the ones to provide his care and comfort if it were to happen again. We do have medicine that we are able to administer rectally that quickly ends his seizure. He has another appointment tomorrow and will possibly be put on anti-seizure medication at that time. So, to my question for you guys who may have already had experience traveling in and perhaps receiving medical care in China or others who care to weigh in their opinion: Would you take your baby or not?

Whew! That was a lot! Thanks in advance for your time and advice. Please leave us a comment explaining your vote so we have information to help us think of all the angles.

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susan said...

It is already a very stressful time for you as a couple, and it would be a wonderful time to just be able to focus on the new little one and her needs as she joins your family. If you could have a trusted Grandparent or someone watch your youngest, it would be best on the parents and the child. The travel stress is enough as it is! My brother, wife and 3 children live in China and absolutely, positively do NOT receive ANY medical care at all in that country. It is very backwards and filthy. They won't even allow their children to get stitches there. They fly out to HK or Thailand for medical care. You wouldn't want something to happen to the little one that you cannot go to the hospital for. It is NOT like America at all.