Friday, February 20, 2009

$7.06 for Crocs, Shipping and Tax Included

I saw that Finish Line was having a MAJOR clearance on Crocs...$4.98 for kids and $9.98 for adults. So I hurried on over, at least as much as I can hurry on dial-up, and got 16 pairs for a grand total of $112.91. I ordered some on behalf of a couple friends and some for my kids to wear now and their next size as well. Any that don't fit or don't look like we wanted can be returned to a Finish Line store with no hassles. I am so excited! I resisted these shoes for a long time, but, living in Florida with children, means I had to come to terms with their function over form factor!

Go here for shopping! Also, follow your UPromise link to save an additonal 4% in your 529 College Savings Fund.

Thanks, Mercedes!


Gina (Caleeo) said...

I tried and could not find any - hope I wasn't doing something wrong.

susan said...

I couldn't find them either.

Abby said...

I heard the deal died, but I'm not sure when exactly. I got my order in around 1:00 in the afternoon. I also heard that the stores are having the same promotion, so you can try checking one out near you. I wasn't able to find any for our 2 year old so I'm gonna stop while I'm out today to see if I can find him some. I'll keep you posted.