Friday, December 12, 2008

Dining Dough from Dining Deals

I will admit to being a full-on AM radio talk show junkie. There; I did it! Now you get to benefit from it. I recently heard an ad on AM 660 WORL for Dining Dough sold through their website. 660 WORL has partnered with local merchants to bring you an incredible deal - $50 gift certificates for $25! Well, that's their normal deal. But, right now, you can get $50 in gift certificates for $15.
So, I called up my friend Jackie, and invited her to have dinner with me at Buca di Beppo. We love that place and I get to "treat" her. I, however, failed to mention that I will be buying dinner for her and me and only spending $7.50 on the both of us. Let me explain. I purchased the Buca gift certificates from 660 WORL's website. I received them in the mail and it was 2 $25 gift certificates. Now, these are actual old-timey gift certificates, not gift cards. So you do have to be prepared to spend the whole thing in one stting, but that shouldn't be a problem.
They also sell gift certificates for Bubbalou's BBQ, Bayridge Sushi, Wasabi Japanese Cuisine, Nature's Table, Super Suppers, and others.

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Jackie Sue said...

I just bought some too! Thanks for the info, friend :) I bought the Wasabi ones for S&C for Christmas and will use the others with you know...a friend or something! Love you...so sorry about the cut off date but you are in FIRST next month...counting the days with you.