Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Free Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags and CHEAP Yogurt Drinks

Publix has $1/1 coupons for Promise Supershots in the Publix Winter Family Savings Magazine. You can stack 2 of these coupons with some that have come out in the Sunday inserts recently ($1.25/1 or $2/2) and make off with 2 4-packs for $1.24-1.49 each.

Then you can mail in your proofs of purchase for free eco-friendly reusable bags. The offer states that only one claim is available per household address, but it does not state how many reusable bags each household can request. So I am going to request multiple bags. The yogurt is a good deal at $1.24 and I definitely live by the policy that "It Never Hurts To Ask".

Click here for the online form for the free reusable bags. The yogurt has to be purchased by December 6 (this Saturday) but you have until the 22nd to get the request postmarked.

Check back later for more Publix deals with coupons from the Advantage But Savings Flyer and The Winter Family Savings Magazine.

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