Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Information is flooding in right now, but I promise our China adoption posts will taper quickly. I will get back to the blog's money saving ideas very soon, but, at this point, I'm overjoyed at what the Lord has entrusted us with. I just got the translation of Carmon's Medical Examination. I will post all of the verbage here but feel free to skip what's not interesting to you. I am well aware that this information is more appealing to me than to the majority of you.

"Yue Mei Hua, female, was born on June 8, 2008. On June 9, 2008, an abandoned infant was discovered at the gate of Yugan County Social Welfare Institute. A bamboo basket with the infant inside was discovered by an elderly lady who lives at the Institute, Lu Mei Jiao, when she was on her way out in the morning. Grandma Lu Mei Jiao immediately reported her discovery to the County Police. Lu Mei Jiao brought the infant into the Institute.

Upon examination, medical staff confirmed this was a healthy newborn. She has a round face and thin hair. Also placed in the bamboo basket was a printed record of a child’s immunization record.

After formal approval by the civil affairs bureau, this infant was officially admitted to our institute. We named her Yue Mei Hua. Because in ancient times, our county was called Gan Yue, we gave her the family name “Yue.” We named her Mei Hua, because “Mei” means pretty, and together with “Hua” because we foresee brilliant talent for her. We wish for her to grow up with high intelligence and brilliance. All immunizations for Yue Mei Hua are up to date and we continue our wishes that she will grow healthy and thrive.

According to her physical condition at discovery, under the diligent care of our loving staff, when little Mei Hua was under a month old, she drank a mixture of 50 ml reconstituted powder milk and 200 ml of warm water with a small amount of sugar. She ate a bottle every 2-3 hours, 50-70 ml per feeding. Within a month, under loving care, she had good suckling reflex and slept soundly most of the time.

At about 2 months, Mei Hua’s physical growth made great strides. Mei Hua’s four-limb movement was rhythmic and strong, and her focus improved age appropriately. She spent more time being awake and liked to look at her surroundings. Her eyes could track movement.

Now, little Yue Mei Hua can stand for extended periods of time when held under her arms for support. When lying on her belly, she can raise her head up. She knows when her name is called. She can distinguish between strangers and acquaintances. If she fusses, her caretaker calls her name several times, and immediately little Mei Hua stops crying and looks for the source of the voice calling her.

Little Mei Hua enjoys when her caretaker sits next to her and chats with her and plays with her. When she’s happy, she laughs out loud. When talked to, she replies with “eh eh” conversation. She can hold a play block tightly in each hand. She has an active character. She has quick reflexes. She has a ready smile. She likes colorful, sound-making toys and especially enjoys being held by her caretaker to go outdoors to play.

Little Mei Hua’s physical condition is good. She seldom gets sick and has a good life schedule. She gets up at 5:30 a.m. and goes to bed at 7:30 p.m.; she sleeps about 4 hours during the day and sleeps soundly. She eats 240 ml per meal; one to two bowel movement per day; normal urination.

Most recent measurements: Weight 6.5 kg; Length: 60 cm; head circumference 40 cm; chest circumference 44 cm."


Jaime said...

I didn't realize you would get such detailed information! How wonderful!!! Can't wait to meet her!!!!!

Kelly said...

Sweet! Keep the info coming. I'm praising and crying with you!

Grandmom A. said...

I love reading the details! After all, she's my 10th grandchild! I can't wait to meet her.

Karen said...

The printed record is very possibly a note from the parents (or mother...or the person that "found" her. In China it is extremely important to know the day and time the child is born. The person that found her could very well be the person dropping her off, and possibly left her with a note. You would have to ask the orphanage director for any notes left with her in the bamboo basket.