Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Before" pictures of the nursery

We're quickly closing in on the day that we will leave to go get Carmon. It could be as early as Wednesday or as late as Saturday. I'll explain that in a later email.

Today, I am going to start working on organizing to pack and I want you to feel a sense of accomplishment with me as I transform this baby's room.

Notice the huge stack of Huggies diapers in this picture? Can you tell we took advantage of the sale Walgreens had recently and stocked up?

Price couldn't resist getting in this picture. And I couldn't resist him because he's so cute!

Please don't look at the hamper overflowing with clothes right next to the chair Price is sitting in.

Check back later to see how much progress I make.


tom.chitty said...

Can I just come home to check on the progress? :)

Camy said...

At first glance, that looks like Kes sitting in that chair...when he was that age. So cute.