Monday, March 9, 2009

One thing about adoption I CAN count on.

I got a call from immigration today asking me to correct a couple blanks on the form we recently submitted. I was advised by my adoption agency to write our daughter's name this way:
Last name: Yue
First Name: Mei
Middle Name: Hua

The blanks on these forms refer to Carmon's Chinese name. Well, as discussed in the post about how we chose our daughter's name, Mei Hua is actually her first name. Her last name, in Chinese, is Yu and the translation into English of her last name is Yue. So, we had to correct those 2 minor things and ship it off AGAIN. Thankfully, though, I was able to send this set of corrected forms directly to the office in Missouri instead of shipping it to Missouri via Chicago.

Here's the guarantee part: the post office guarantees it will be delivered between noon and 3 p.m. this Wednesday. I can finally say something in our adoption process is planned now. It wasn't able to go next day because the address is "enough off the beaten path" that it has to be flown nearby, then trucked to the exact physical location.

Now, since it is a DoD (Department of Defense) office all mail has to go through xray and Anthrax checks so, hopefully, by the end of the week, we will have our final approval.

Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Brandi said...

No way!!! Oh my dear. . oh Lord, bring this baby girl HOME!!!

Love you,

Jackie Sue said...

We never did finish our conversation today...don't even know where we left off. I will pray! love you, js