Monday, March 16, 2009

South Beach, here I come.

No, I am not starting a new diet (though it wouldn't be a bad idea), and, unfortunately, I'm not going on vacation. Price and I get to make the 4 hour drive (one way) to Miami together this Friday to get a passport for him.

We got a call from our adoption agency Friday afternoon that they'd received the final approval paperwork from immigration and would be sending a second request to the consulate in China for an appointment. They are expecting the appointment to be scheduled for the 7th, 8th, or 9th of April so we will probably be leaving very late Friday the 27th of March of very early in the morning Saturday, the 28th of March...less than 2 weeks from now!

We had to be within 2 weeks of traveling to be able to get a passport in a day (instead of waiting 6 weeks) and the earliest available appointment was this Friday. I'm going to call this morning to see if I can just come and wait like you do at the doctor's office if they have to "work you in", because we still have to send his passport off to Houston, TX for a couple days to receive his visa. This will be a very nervous time, waiting while we get that passport BACK.

Anybody up for a road trip? I really don't care to drive down for 4 hours and back for four hours alone.

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Camy said...

You can't just put a request to not travel alone out into cyberspace...you never know who you'll get! You might as well pick up some random hitchhiker. Gurl!