Friday, March 27, 2009

It’s technically still time for us to be sleeping, but jut lag has won! I took a doctor-prescribed sleeping pill at 9:30, right before I started blogging last night, and I had to re-read last night’s blog this morning because I didn’t even remember having written it. The pill helped immensely until 12:30. That’s when Price started crying out. He’s slept very fitfully ever since, and, therefore, so have we. We tried giving him Benadryl, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. So, we have a long day ahead of us and aren’t well rested for it. As you are going to sleep tonight, please pray that we’ll have the stamina to soak in all the things we get to do and see and eat  today.

Jack and Madeleine, What did you do all day with Baba? Did you wear her out? Daddy and I miss you and are thinking about you a lot. xoxo

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Brandi said...

Jesus, give sweet Abby the perfect amount of rest today. . .let even her touring be restful as she soaks up your presence. May she feel you strongly right now. Let your presence fall upon them all.

Lord, thank you for the opportunity they have today to tour such amazing places. Give them an amazing day as they prepare to meet Carmon tomorrow. Prepare too, her little heart for her mama daddy and brother. Lord we love you and are amazed at what you have done bringing the Chitty family to this place.

Love you like crazy!