Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Going to Carmon's finding spot

Tom took this video as we were approaching the spot where Carmon was discovered on June 9th, the day after she as born. She was left outside the "gate" of an old orphanage. This building is no longer used as an orphanage, but there are some people still living in the building. The orphanage Carmon was raised in was opened in 2001.


Jackie Sue said...

I don't think your Mary guide is ours after all...but she sure has her same hair style...how blessed to be able to go to her finding place...just a wonderful blessing.

Brandi said...

crying here. What a wonderful blessing. . .and smart thinking to video it too. I can imagine how Carmon will treasure that later.

Love you. . .and her sweet mama who chose to bring her somewhere safe. I'm weeping at the pain that she must have felt and struggling with how much joy it is bringing us. Maybe that was too much to write in a comment.

i love you guys and celebrate Carmon's life today.