Friday, April 3, 2009

Turn your heads sideways

I'm not kidding; turn your head sideways. If my computer geek, ahem, I mean, my hot computer guy was here, he could show me how to turn this video the right way. The Help Desk must be sleeping :). So, in the meantime, you'll have to lay down to watch this. It's a short one though. These ladies are um...exercising? There's a park on Shamian Island, where my hotel is, that has exercise machines and playground equipment for adults and children to use. Our guide told us that only old people do formal exercise though because young people are too busy.


Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

For some reason, this video makes me laugh :)

Abby said...

Cassie, That's gonna be you and Jaime one day. What's so funny about that? :)