Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Health Update

So, I said Carmon had a little chest congestion, but now it's worse. Her nose is running a little more; it's still clear, but she's been coughed a lot in the night.

And Price, he's in our bed...with a fever. He kept calling Tom's name out in the night. Well, he was actually calling "Daddy, not "Tom". :) Anyway, he would settle back down immediately after finding a pacifier. Then, one time we got up to check on him and he was on fire. We uncovered him for 20 minutes first to see if he would cool off, but he didn't. So we gave him some ibuprofen and put him in our bed. His fever came right down.

This morning at 8:00, our guide comes to take us all to the airport. I have a 10:00 flight to Guangzhou for the last leg of my trip, and Tom leaves at 11:00 to fly home to Florida with Price.

Tom, understandably, is worried about this BIG trip with a 2 year old who has a fever. Hopefully, it will make Price lethargic. I hate the thought of him being sick in any way, but we are praying there will be a bright side to whatever he has. Please pray for Price and Tom today. They arrive home in Orlando at 5 minutes after midnight in the night on Thursday (technically Friday morning).

Once I arrive in Guangzhou this afternoon, I have the first of two medical appointments for Carmon today. Over the next 2 days she has to get five immunizations as part of the requirements for a Hague Convention adoption. At home, if your kids are sick like she is, they won't give them an immunization. So I am concerned about either the toll immunizations will take on a sick baby or if they will do them on a sick baby here. We are in a bit of a time crunch, so I'm not sure if they have the liberty of waiting until she gets better. I am hoping, though, that they might be able to tell me what's causing her chest congestion.

And, for those of you who are wondering, I will still be blogging once Tom goes home. There is a computer in my room in Guanzhou so I'll do my best to keep up. Unfortunately, my Help Desk is going home, but I will try to limp along unassisted.


Ashleigh said...

Ok Ab. I'm praying for both kids. Hang in there, you're 1/2 way done.

Cassie - Homeschooling Four said...

Oh, sick kids is never fun. But, sick kids, immunizations and plane rides, ugh! I hope they both get to feeling better soon.
I'm glad to know you will still be blogging. I'm sure you can manage :)

Brittani said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers :) Love you

Brandi said...

Oh man. . .today is the day I should have flown to China!!! Man, that would have made for a better day!

Sorry I've been such a horrible reader. . the last 2 days have been crazy. I'm catching up now!

Love you! Praying for Tom and Price as they travel and for sweet Carmon to get better too. Have a blast just you and your girl! Your first girls trip. . .Mad will be on the next one!

Love you